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The Pal Affiliate Program is a partnership between the merchant and the advertiser, with the intention to attract desirable traffic to visit PAL’s related gaming and betting brands. When a visitor comes to your, site becomes a referred player and makes a first-time deposit, you will earn a commission as high as 60%.

Joining Pal Affiliates is absolutely free for anyone interested.

In order to partner with us and start earning, you will need to complete a short form and submit it for approval. A member of our affiliate team will check your application and respond to you within 24hrs with the outcome of our assessment.

If you wish to obtain more than one accounts then you need to contact us at affiliates@palaffiliates.com with your request. Our team will get in touch to discuss about your account.

You will need to accumulate at least 100 Euros in affiliate commission before a payment is released.

We aim to pay affiliates within couple of weeks after receiving the relevant invoice.

Pal Affiliates will NOT carry over negative commission. In our Terms and Conditions there are specific paragraphs that describe our negative carry policy in great detail.

Each affiliate will have a dedicated account manager after joining our affiliate program.


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